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Atlas Pond Liner

Pond, Lagoon and Lake Liners

Solhutec, a division of GEI Works's Flexible Liners include several different fabric options to successfully line industrial ponds, lakes, lagoons, small garden ponds, collection pits, waste water ponds and even koi ponds. Made from flexible materials (such as PVC, LLDPE, Polyurethane and Elvaloy) these fabrics are shaped to the contours of your area to provide the most effective containment and stabilization. Available liners include fabrics that are compatible with a range of liquids, chemicals and temperatures to meet the needs of your location.

Standard Features:

  • Industrial Flexible Fabrics:pond liners
    • PVC
    • LLDPE
    • Polyurethane
    • Dupont's Elvaloy®
    • XR-5 or Equivalent
    • Polyethylene or Polypropylene Fabrics Also Available
  • Fits the Contours of your Pipes
  • Adapts Around Pipes, Structures and Fittings
  • Standard and Custom Sizing

Liner Options

This range of industrial and commercial pond liners is designed for long-term applications where the storage of liquids or chemicals is required. Equipped with various UV, chemical and temperature resistances, these liners can handle the needs of almost any area. Depending on your location, this may include chemical compatible fabrics, long-term UV exposure materials, and drinking water compatible options.


  • Collection Pondspond liner
  • Waste Water Treatment Ponds
  • Runoff Water Collection
  • Cooling Ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Wetlands
  • Aquaculture Liners
  • Frac Pits

Atlas Flexible Liners Typical Specifications

Typical Fabrics

Elvaloy, XR-5, or Equivalent
Potable Water Fabrics

Additional Fabric Options



Built to fit the dimensions of your pond. Boots available for placement around pipes, fittings and other extrusions.


All Pond and Industrial Liners are sized based on dimensions of your pond. To find the right sizing options for your area, a common formula used is as follows:

Length (ft.) = Longest Pond Length + (2 x Depth) + 2

Width (ft.) = Longest Pond Width + (2 x Depth) + 2

Custom Liners

All liners can be custom made to fit your area, pond, or facility. If you are looking for something that can fit specific dimensions, work around structures or piping, or meet requirements in your area, let us know so that we can work to customize the liner that will fit your application.

In order to best meet the demands of your location, some additional information we would require regarding the liner will include location (will the liner be exposed to sunlight?), type of liquid being stored in the pond, fittings, and dimensions.

Additional Pond Liners

In addition to the industrial liners featured here, we also offer flexible options for lining commercial ponds, fish ponds, and other location pond areas. Liners can be equipped for hazardous liquids or NSF 61 and FDA approved for potable liquid applications. Liners are often designed to act as a sturdy and reinforcing structure to help prepare an area for liquid storage.

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