Liner Accessories

Geotextiles, Liner Boots, Battening and More

Containment Liner Accessories include a range of options to help provide customers with required items to protect and extend the life and quality of your storage unit. Whether required for ponds, lakes, tanks or cisterns, these accessories help secure liners in place and protect units from abrasion. Available options include geotextiles for underlyament or overlayment, boots, pipe covers, battening and repair kits.

Geotextile Support Fabricsgeotextiles

Pond Underlayment/Overlayment Fabrics:
One of the most commonly used accessories for liner support and stabilization is the geotextile. Available for placement underneath and/or on top of your liner, these fabrics help with various filtration, abrasion and drainage requirements. Available options include high strength woven geotextile and nonwoven filter fabrics. Options will be chosen based on the specific requirements of your location.

Battening and Gasketsbattening

During installation, battening and gaskets are often required to effectively secure your liner to the edge of a pond, tank or cistern. Battening is often placed on the top edge of the liner to help keep the fabric in place.

Boots and Pipe Coverspond piping

Pipe Boots and Covers:
When working around penetrations, extrusions or other piping, boots or liner covers are often included to help protect your area. All pipe boots are pre-fabricated based on the size/diameter of your pipes and will arrive with your liner. Around piping section will be a flat square that will allow you to attach the boot to the liner.

If you do feature any kind of fittings, piping, inlets or protrusions that may get in the way of a continuos liner being laid down on your site, please let us know so that we can manufacture a product that can directly fit your requirements.

Vinyl Liner Repair KitRepair Kits:
Whether you are using a liner that will be used in a large pond, containment area or along the interior of a tank, a repair kit may be necessary in order to repair small areas. Repair kits include fabric, repair glue and other materials that can help to successfully fix up your area.

Due to our large variety of both industrial and commercial liners, each of the liner accessories chosen for your site will be based on the specific requirements of your location. Any time you are choosing one of our liners for use in your location, please let us know what type of liquid the liner will be in contact with, the dimensions of your pond, tank, lake, or location, and ground material (sand, clay, gravel etc.). Additionally, we would also need to know if there are any pipes, fittings or other extrusions that the liner would need to be built around in order to best accommodate your location.

For more information on liners, liner accessories, or other containment products, please feel free to check out our Primary & Secondary Liner Page.

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