Floating Boom Accessories

Tow Bridles, Anchor Kits, and Buoys

Floating boom accessories, including buoys, anchors, and tow bridles, are products designed to aide with the deployment and installation of our floating barriers. These items can be used on most of our floating boom including our debris boom, oil containment boom and turbidity curtains. Protect your turbidity barriers and boom with Marine Accessories (PDF).

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Anchor Kits

marine anchorsOne of the most common accessories for these floating boom are Anchors and Anchoring Systems. Anchors are available in a couple of different weights including a 22 lbs., 40 lbs., and 65 lbs. anchors. See the Anchoring Kits Product Flyer for more information.

Anchor Kits Include:

  • Anchor
  • 3/8" Leader Chain
  • 60 ft. of 1/2" Nylon Rope
  • 15" Inflatable Marker Buoy
  • 6 ft. of 1/2" Painter Liner
  • 3/8" Galvanized Shackle


floating buoysBuoys are additionally available for use in anchoring and securing your barrier. Buoys are often used as part of an anchoring system to help anchor the barrier without placing additional strain on the bottom of the curtain.

Tow Bridles

tow bridlesTow Bridles are another commonly used product for the installation and deployment of boom and barriers. Tow bridles feature a towing line and boom attachment to help redistribute the weight of boom for a successfully deployment in your location.
Tow Bridle Sizes:

  • Small: 12"
  • Medium: 18" (for 24" boom or less)
  • Large: 24" (for 25" boom or more)
  • Heavy Duty: 24" HD or 36" HD

Floating Marker Lights

floating marker lightFloating Marker Lights are designed for containment boom and floating barriers to help with cleanup operations and marine based jobs. Marker lights are built from PVC materials and feature a top marker light with D-cell battery.

Tidal Compensators

Tidal CompensatorTidal Compensators are anchoring devices that allow turbidity barrier, floating boom, and curtain to keep up with changing water levels. Use them as a barrier or boom connector, anchoring to a secure point, such as a pier, dock, or piling.

  • Stainless Steel or Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Connects to 2 ¾" or 4" I-beams
  • Job-specific float sizes and slide rails lengths
  • Standard and HD models available

Reefing Lines

reefing linesReefing Lines provide a way to adjust the height of turbidity curtain when the water body's floor is uneven. They also allow for easier installation, as the curtain can be completely drawn up during deployment. They are generally made from a black 5/16" poly twisted rope and installed in the curtain during construction.

As mentioned above, these boom accessories are used on several different floating barriers including floating turbidity curtains, floating oil boom, and trash and debris barriers. The number of anchors needed, as well as anchor spacing is chosen based on the water conditions in your location.

For more information regarding our floating boom, please feel free to check out our pages on Turbidity Curtains (including Type 1, 2, and 3) and Floating Barriers (including trash boom and oil containment boom)

Questions about floating boom accessories? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.