Flexible Tank Accessories

Tank Accessories Including Ground Cloths, Covers, Repair Kits & More

Flexible tank accessories including additional fittings, ground cloths, tank covers and repair kits are available to help provide added duration and longevity to your storage tanks. Fittings can be adapted to fit flexible pillow tanks storing drinking water, gray water, and fuel, as well as open top flexible tanks such as the onion tank and frame tank model.

Ground Cloth/Underlayment

flexible tanksOne of the most common accessories used with our flexible tanks is a ground cloth, liner or underlayment fabric. Designed as an impermeable fabric material, these liners go underneath the bottom of the tank to help protect against abrasion and wear. Liners are often used to help extend the lifespan of the tank while liquids are in storage.


For both open top and closed top storage tanks, impermeable covers are available to help protect the tank from wind, rain, and outside factors. Covers are commonly used on our flexible frame and onion tanks to help cover stored contents during temporary or long-term storage.

Tank Fittings

water bladder tanks on the groundIn order to connect to the hose or pumps available on your site, several different fittings are available for substitution or addition to your existing unit. Standard fittings include (2) 2" Bulkhead Flange, (2) 2" Caps, and (2) 2" Male NPT Nipple. Larger sizes or adapters are available upon request.

Additional fittings may also include drain fittings for open top storage units, drain and cleaning ports, and various adapters to match sizing requirements on site.

Repair Kits

repair kitsDesigned to address small leaks and spills that may occur during storage, repair kits are available to help quickly patch up your tank. Standard items contained within the repair kit include an appropriately sized tank fabric patch, repair glue, and instructions to help quickly address small leaks and spills that may be present on your tank.

Flexible tank accessories can be built to accommodate both large and small flexible storage tanks. Accessories have been added to tanks to help increase the flexibility of the storage unit and extend the life span of the tank through protective and preventative measures. Equip your tank for use on your site today. View the Flexible Tank Vinyl Repair Kit Instructions (PDF).

For more information on any of our storage tanks, please check out our complete variety of tanks on our Flexible Tank Overview Page.

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