Orion Calm Water Debris Boom

Specifications for Floating Marine Boom

debris boomThe Orion Calm Water Debris Boom is an economical barrier used to contain and control debris in calm water locations, such as lakes, ponds, marinas, and small harbors. Each trash boom is manufactured in the USA from an impermeable PVC material with top flotation, bottom ballast chain, and section connectors. Standard floating boom barriers are yellow, but additional color options are available including – green, blue, and black.

Once deployed, floating debris boom helps customers easily collect and dispose of gathered trash and materials. Marine boom can also be custom manufactured to your exact specifications. Don't hesitate to contact us with your project specifications and needs. We're ready to help!

For more information, check out our Calm Water Debris Boom page.

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Orion Calm Water Debris Boom Specifications

Type Material Length Draft Freeboard Bottom Ballast
Calm Water 22 oz. PVC 50' 6" 4" 1/4"
Calm Water 22 oz. PVC 100' 6" 4" 1/4"
Marinas 22 oz. PVC 25' 12" 6" 1/4"
Marinas 22 oz. PVC 50' 12" 6" 1/4"
Marinas 22 oz. PVC 100' 12" 6" 1/4"

Debris Boom Accessories

anchor kitGEI Works offers a number of Boom Accessories to help during the deployment, installation, and maintenance of your floating debris boom. See our Marine Accessories PDF Flyer for more information or visit one of the individual product links below.

Trash Boom Containment Applications

Floating debris boom is used infor both short-term and long-term protection from trash and debris brought in through wind, currents, and waves. Boom works to contain a variety of items from any number of sources.

  • Branches and Leaves
  • Red and Brown Tide
  • Seaweed and Other Aquatic Plants
  • Timber
  • Wrappers, Cups, and Other Trash
  • Marine Life (Dead Fish, Jellyfish, Etc.)
  • Golf Balls

Additional Debris Boom Options

debris boomThe right boom for your project is dependent on a number of conditions, including water type and common debris. GEI Works carries options for most eventualities both on the surface of the water and immediately below.

Calm Water Debris Boom Installation

  1. Lay out sections of boom along the shoreline or the install location.
  2. Connect multiple sections through aluminum slide connectors.
  3. Connect sections together through grommet eyes and through shackles.
  4. Tow the boom into position.
  5. Anchor the boom as needed for your location (typically anchored by shore anchors, pilings, or docks).

Complete Installation Guide

Visit the main Trash Boom page for all options available from GEI Works.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.