Oil Containment Boom

Offshore and Coastline Oil Boom

containment boomKraken Offshore Oil Spill Containment Boom is one of our strongest floating barriers and is specifically designed for oil spills along coastlines or offshore locations. Often used on the toughest spills, these floating boom are built with high grade 22 oz PVC fabric, dual tension cables, heavy bottom ballasts, and high-strength connectors. When combined, these components provide sites a durable oil boom they can count on during tough spill containment.

Offshore Oil Containment Boom Specifications

  • Top Freeboard: 6" or 8"
  • Bottom Skirt Draft: 12" or 16"
  • 22 oz. PVC Material
  • Section Lengths: 50' or 100'
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Heavy Duty Tension Cable

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Offshore and Coastline Containment Boom: The Kraken Offshore Oil Spill Boom is manufactured for tough spill control and reliable oil spill containment in locations with demanding water conditions. These oil boom have been commonly used to deflect oil to a designated cleanup area, contain oil to an offshore spill site, or prevent spills from reaching natural or protected areas. Regardless of your spill requirements, these boom are equipped to help.

Kraken Boom Applications

oil containment boom
  • Offshore Boom Containment
  • Coastline Oil Containment
  • Oil Control During Spill Clean Up
  • Containment and Prevention Barriers
  • Oil Deflection Boom
  • Protection Boom

Kraken Oil Containment Boom Specifications

Coastlines Offshore
Model 31" Boom Model 37" Boom
Freeboard 11" Freeboard 13"
Draft 20" Draft 24"
Tension Cable 5/16" Tension Cable 5/16"
Bottom Ballast 5/16" Bottom Ballast 3/8"
Material 22 oz. PVC Material 22 oz. PVC
Lengths 50' or 100' Lengths 50' or 100'

Standard Color: Yellow
Components: Stainless Steel, Zinc Anode Additions (ask about these components when using boom in salt water, open water or for extended deployment)

Boom Accessories


Marine and Boom Accessories are often required for any location using boom or barriers in a moving water area. This will include locations with currents, tides, waves, or high wind areas.

  • Anchor Kits
  • Tow Bridles
  • Floating Marker Lights
  • Buoys
  • Reefing Lines

Offshore Boom Features: Offshore boom are designed for demanding conditions and often feature several components that help to increase the strength of a boom in a moving water area. If you require containment in a calm water area (marinas, calm water ponds) or in a moving water location (rivers, lakes) please check out some of our additional boom models including: Calm Water Oil Boom and Moving Water Oil Boom.

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