Spill Containment Berm Accessories

Ground Liners, Geo Pads, Berm Repair Kits, and Tread Guards

OX Containment Berm Accessories include several different products to help complete your containment system. Items include drain fittings, ground cloths/underlayment, tread guards/runners, and carrying bags. Due to the flexible nature of the fabric being used on these berms, many site-specific fittings can be easily added to help with containment, draining, storage, and transportation of materials.

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containment berm accessories

Ground Cloth/Underlayment

Ground Cloth/Underlayment

One frequently used accessory to help with spill containment is the ground cloth/underlayment material. This flexible material is placed directly under the berm to help further protect the berm from abrasion. This can help to extend the lifespan of the berm for long term use or outdoor storage.

Berm Liner

tread guards

Track Runners/Liners

Tread Guards

Tread guards, also sometimes referred to as berm runners or liners, are designed to lay on top of the berm for protection during drive through operations. These guards are most commonly used with foam wall berms to designate drive through paths for vehicles, frac tanks and large machinery.

berm repair kits

Repair Kits

Repair Kits

If needed in your location, repair kits may also be included to help patch up small tears or holes located on your berm. Repair kits will commonly include patch, glue and repair materials to help quickly fix up your berm for use in your location.

Drain Fittings

As with many secondary containment products, spill berms are designed with an open top to help with easy containment and collection of liquid materials. Due to this open access, berms are also prone to collection of other materials such as rain or snow. To help with draining after spills, rain events or other untended liquid collection, drain fittings may be added to the tank to help speed up the cleaning process.

Transportation Bags

In order to help easily move these berms, containment berm accessories may also include transportation or carry bags may also be included. These bags will typically feature an open top and handle to help move folded berms in the back of transportation vehicles, trucks or by hand.

Spill containment accessories may be used for flexible containment berms, containment tanks or foam berms to help create a berm that can be custom-designed for your location. This can help to extend the lifespan of your berm and easily drain materials from the containment area.

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